A Good Part Time Job With an Even Better Dress Code

I have recently gotten a job proofreading and editing letters on my laptop. It pays $200 a week for 10 to 15 hours a week. There is no dress code. I can even wear my birthday suit if I want. Ha! Ha! Now, to find a couple of jobs like this one.


Author: nakedintrovertedpoetica

I am a man like no other, possessing an intellect's mind, a warrior's body, and a poet's soul. Original artistic creations, coffee, self-development, nudity, and fitness are my greatest personal passions.

3 thoughts on “A Good Part Time Job With an Even Better Dress Code”

    1. It was only a temp thing. Two weeks.
      There are a couple of websites for that sort of thing. But I haven’t had any luck with it before or since. There is freelancers.com, upwork.com, proofreading.com and a couple of others. Like everything on the internet, you have to dig through the garbage to find something good. If you try it, maybe you’ll have better luck than me.

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